Taking scientific and technological innovation as the driving force and improving service as the value
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Shanghai Huadian Valve Group Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Huadian Valve Group through 20 years of scientific research, development innovation and integrity management, in valves, actuators, steel, pumps, hydraulics, refrigeration, molds and other fields have achieved rapid development, currently the group has more than ten professional companies, more than 50 professional cooperation factories. It has more than 200 sales offices or offices throughout the country, with total assets of nearly 1.5 billion yuan. It has Shanghai Songjiang Sijing Industrial Zone Huadian Valve Science and Technology Park (No. 317 Sijing Jiugan Road) and Songjiang High-tech Park Huadian Valve Science and Technology Park (No. 699 Sijing Jianghe Road), covering an area of 150 acres and a construction area of 175,100 square meters. There are more than 760 employees, including 76% of whom have a college degree or above, and 32% of engineers and technicians, and establish stable cooperative relations with universities and research institutes, regularly conduct technical training for employees in batches, forming a development pattern of integration of production, learning and research, and hire Mr. Yilong, an Italian executive, to borrow external brain support to comprehensively improve the management level.
The group company has 450 sets of casting, forging, heat treatment, welding, gold cutting, assembly, testing, non-destructive testing and other production and processing equipment and 95 sets of test and testing equipment, which has formed a set of distinctive production processes over the years, and is an enterprise with strong professional manufacturing characteristics. Through technology introduction and technical exchanges with advanced manufacturers at home and abroad, combined with the actual situation of the group company, through the training bases of universities and scientific research institutes in Shanghai, the group company establishes the research and development team of the group company, adjusts the organizational structure, product structure and technical structure of the industry, does not improve product quality and technical level, improves product manufacturing level, and improves the economic efficiency of the industry. At the same time, accelerate technological innovation, establish a modern management system, give play to the benefits of talents, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.
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The group company is committed to creating a diversified development of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in thermal power boilers, power station auxiliaries, valve electric actuators, measurement and control equipment, power complete sets of equipment, environmental protection equipment, power station valves, smelting valves, butterfly valves, slurry valves, mud valves, American standard valves, oilfield valves, building valves, temperature and pressure reduction devices and various pump products, hydraulic equipment, refrigeration devices development, production and operation, the production of nearly 1000 models, tens of thousands of specifications, widely used in power plants, thermal power plants, petroleum, chemical industry, Natural gas, metallurgy, light industry and textile, papermaking, municipal, construction, tap water, environmental protection, hydraulics, refrigeration and other industries, products cover 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, and exported to Russia, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Sudan and other countries and regions, welcomed and praised by users.

The group company has established an advanced enterprise management system and a perfect quality assurance system. Has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, special equipment manufacturing license certification, European Community CE safety certification, Ministry of Health safety product inspection and certification, American Petroleum Institute API certification, etc., is now a member of the power station material network of the State Power Company, a member of the first-class supply network of China National Petroleum Corporation, a member of China General Machinery Valve Industry Association, a first-class member of China Power Network, and has won "advanced enterprise", "star enterprise", "key enterprise" and "scientific and technological innovation enterprise" for many times over the years ", "Credit AAA Enterprise" and other honorary titles, in early 2010 won the title of "Shanghai Famous Brand". "Improve the quality awareness of all employees, strengthen scientific quality management, produce products that satisfy customers, and provide comprehensive quality services" is the unswerving policy of Huadian Valve Group, the group company will give full play to the advantages of the enterprise, continue to improve quality, comprehensively enhance product technology level and service level, provide users with high-quality products and perfect services, and make greater contributions to the society.

Integrating into the global economic integration, the leaders of the group company have a far-sighted view, through resource sharing, unified operation of capital and diversified business forms, towards the industry's strongest comprehensive economic strength, the strongest comprehensive development ability, the strongest comprehensive potential ability on the scale advantage, and strive to create products with superior performance and reliable quality to meet the growing social demand. The group company actively responds to the State Council's call for domestic production of intelligent non-invasive electric valve actuators to achieve product upgrading as soon as possible, improve technical content and reliability, and serve the national economic construction, and jointly invested with the British Sharp Holding Group Co., Ltd. to establish a Sino-British joint venture Sharp Fluid Control (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., integrating resources and technical advantages to develop highly intelligent non-invasive electric valve actuators, the degree of automation, mechanical manufacturing accuracy and reliability of the product have reached the international advanced level. According to the needs of the group's great development, the group company also invested and held Jiangxi Tonggu County Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 130 million yuan, covering an area of 68,700 square meters, more than 500 employees, 32% of technical personnel, the enterprise implements a modern management system, adopts intelligent management throughout the line, produces various types of special steel and general steel, with an annual output of 350,000 tons and product sales of 1.1 billion yuan. At the same time, Jiangxi Intercontinental Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in Jiangxi with a huge investment, with a total investment of 85 million yuan, including 35 million yuan in equipment and 43 million yuan in civil engineering. Build a large-scale casting production base, the production of maximum castings can reach 50 tons, to meet the needs of domestic and foreign users. The project promotes the rapid development of pump valve, steel and casting technology by introducing and developing in-depth new processes and technologies.

Looking forward to the future, our passion is high, the spirit of Huadian will continue to permeate in unique innovative products and services, and with a new image and new attitude, we will be active in valves, actuators, measurement and control equipment, power complete sets of equipment, steel, pumps and casting, hydraulics, refrigeration and other diversified fields. We firmly believe that the future of Huadian Valve Group will be brilliant.

Innovative R & D
Promote innovation and upgrading, and continuously create value for the valve industry and the whole society
Innovation is the soul of an enterprise's progress, the company constantly changes the growth mode, improves the innovation ability, adheres to the "pioneering, enterprising, innovative, realistic and hardworking" enterprise spirit and flexible and diverse management system;

Keep up with market demand, improve product quality, and wholeheartedly provide products and services for new and old users to ensure user satisfaction.
Service ability
Provide technical support, cooperate with user selection, after-sales service to meet customer needs
Pre-sales service: provide valve product introduction, selection information; Professionals provide design solutions and consulting services;

In-sale service: provide technical support, cooperate with user selection, economic and reasonable solutions;

Provide training, guidance on installation and repair methods, solutions; Timely delivery to you in accordance with the delivery period stipulated in the contract.
Brand concept
Let every project (customer) become a model project of Huadian valve
The company has passed multiple authoritative certification certificates.

Each valve product is strictly inspected and shipped from the factory.
A domestic science and technology enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service;

It is equipped with more than 190 sets of mechanical equipment such as turning, planing, grinding, milling, drilling, welding, automatic spraying, etc.;

It is equipped with more than 60 sets of professional testing equipment such as material analysis, physical and chemical X-ray and ultrasonic flaw detector;

It has valve R&D center, control valve measurement and control center, and valve quality testing center;
With nearly 20 years of valve production and sales experience, domestic well-known brand manufacturers
Huadian strength