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  • 27 2023-03

    What are the options for pneumatic control valve types?

    We know that pneumatic control valves are composed of pneumatic actuators and regulating valves, so the selection of pneumatic control valve types generally includes actuators and valves.The driving mode of the actuator generally has pneumatic, electric and hydraulic these three, the three driving methods also bring different characteristics to the actuator, the choice of pneumatic control valve actuator is naturally......

  • 27 2023-03

    Maintenance method of pneumatic control valve

    Pneumatic control valve is a kind of pneumatic valve, which, like other pneumatic valves, uses compressed air as the power source. The function of pneumatic control valves is to regulate and control the flow of media in pipelines.In modern automatic control systems, pneumatic control valves play a very important role. In order to avoid the failure of the pneumatic control valve, we must regularly overhaul the control......

  • 27 2023-03

    The 10th Shanghai International Pump, Pipe and Valve Exhibition

    The 10th Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition, organized by Amsterdam Exhibition Center (RAI) and Shanghai Hexiang Exhibition Co., Ltd., is a domestic high-quality pump and pipe valve exhibition, which will be held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on June 2-4, 2021, with an expected exhibition scale of more than 60,000 square meters, bringing together 1,000 exhibitors and attracting m......

  • 27 2023-03

    Difference between open rod gate valve and dark rod gate valve

    Open rod gate valve, also known as lifting rod gate valve, the valve stem and gate plate move up and down together during the opening and closing process.The handwheel drives the stem nut to rotate, and the nut drives the stem up and down when it rotates. The stem does not rotate. There are grooves on the side of the gate plate and a guide boss on the inner wall of the valve, and the two cooperate to play a guiding l......

  • 27 2023-03

    Pneumatic ball valve selection three points to pay attention to

    Pneumatic ball valve is a kind of pneumatic actuator widely used in modern automatic control system. The control signal drives the ball valve switching action through the pneumatic actuator to complete the switching control or adjustment control of the medium in the pipeline. The first point: the selection of ball valves      Connection method: flange connection, clamp connection, internal thread connection, external......

  • 27 2023-03

    Working Principle and Common Troubleshooting of Plunger Valve

    The plunger valve is composed of valve body, valve cover, valve stem, plunger, orifice frame, sealing ring, handwheel and other parts. When the handwheel rotates, the stem drives the plunger to reciprocate up and down in the middle of the orifice to complete the opening and closing function of the valve. In the valve between the plunger and the sealing ring using interference fit, by adjusting the flange bolt in the ......