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The 10th Shanghai International Pump, Pipe and Valve Exhibition
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2023-03-27 | 98 Views | Share:

      The 10th Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition, organized by Amsterdam Exhibition Center (RAI) and Shanghai Hexiang Exhibition Co., Ltd., is a domestic high-quality pump and pipe valve exhibition, which will be held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on June 2-4, 2021, with an expected exhibition scale of more than 60,000 square meters, bringing together 1,000 exhibitors and attracting more than 50,000 professional visitors.

      In addition, Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition will join hands with Shanghai Municipal Water Supply Management Office, Shanghai Water Supply Industry Association, Shanghai Architectural Society Building Water Supply and Drainage Professional Committee, China Membrane Industry Association and other authoritative institutions to set up professional forums such as smart water, water supply and drainage design, industrial environmental protection, sewage treatment and so on. At the same time, the National Fluid Equipment Technology Innovation Award was jointly established with China Jiliang University, and there were new product launches on site.