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Maintenance method of pneumatic control valve
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2023-03-27 | 95 Views | Share:

      Pneumatic control valve is a kind of pneumatic valve, which, like other pneumatic valves, uses compressed air as the power source. The function of pneumatic control valves is to regulate and control the flow of media in pipelines.

     In modern automatic control systems, pneumatic control valves play a very important role. In order to avoid the failure of the pneumatic control valve, we must regularly overhaul the control valve. Below, a brief introduction to what items need to be overhauled for pneumatic control valves.

  1. Valve cavity

    Pneumatic control valves for applications with differential high pressure or corrosive media, the inner wall of which is susceptible to impact and corrosion of the medium. So check its pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.      

  2.  Valve seat      

    Mainly check the thread of the valve seat and fixed valve seat, the wear of the valve seat and whether the inner surface of the thread is corroded to loosen the valve seat.      

  3. Spool      

    The spool is the most resistant of all components to medium erosion. If pneumatic control valves are used in high-pressure applications, the valve core needs to be overhauled. Because the valve core will undergo cavitation, the wear will be more serious.      

  4. Check whether the 0-type sealing ring has aged, deteriorated and other conditions.      

  5.  Filler

    Check whether the filler is sufficient, whether there is aging phenomenon, check the fit of the filler, etc.